Becoming a female escort in the UK – Complete How-To Guide (Jobs, Salary and More)


This guide gives newcomers to Job Escort a first insight into the business. ???? We focus on the few really important points and leave out everything superfluous.

After reading this guide you will have a first impression of what it means to be an escort lady and how you can work successfully in this exciting business field. ????

Of course, nothing can replace personal experience and you are bound to get a few things wrong on your first dates – that’s normal. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes – only those who do nothing make no mistakes.????

Learn from your mistakes, have fun on your dates and an interesting new world will be open to you.

Team Job Escort

What is Escort?


However, successful men with a stellar career in particular lack the time ⏰ to get to know a woman and make her his mistress. Moreover, every affair brings with it a series of obligations and risks that a busy man simply does not want to have.

These men want a temporary mistress. A lady who comes when they feel like it, with whom they can spend a few pleasant hours and live out their fantasies – and who leaves afterwards. ????That is escort.

Escort is an honest arrangement between a man who knows what he wants and a woman ???? Escort is an honest arrangement between a man who knows what he wants and a woman

Why work as an escort lady?

Die meisten Menschen starten mit vielen Träumen und Ambitionen ins Leben. Aber nur Wenige ergreifen wirklich Gelegenheiten, wenn sie sich bieten. Und noch weniger Menschen suchen wirklich das Abenteuer und neue Erfahrungen. ???? Becoming an escort in the UK offers young women the chance to meet interesting and successful men and enter a new world – a world closed to average people.

Every experienced escort lady can confirm that after many dates and experiences with different men, she has a much better picture of herself and what she wants to achieve in life. Life is short and if you want to enjoy it to the fullest, you have to actively seek new experiences. Of course, the possible earnings are very nice to have as well. ????

Once you have built up a good reputation with Job Escort, you will finally be able to afford that great dress or expensive shoes. ???? It’s a great feeling and will boost your confidence when men pay a lot of money for your time!

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What qualities does a good escort possess?

A widespread misconception says that women must necessarily look like supermodels to be successful in escorting. ???? Good looks are important, but not everything. The most attractive escort ladies on the outside are not always the most successful.

Men look for ladies who look up to them and boost their self-confidence. ???? Not in a clumsy way, of course, but very subtly. They want a girlfriend (“girl friend experience”) who gives them the feeling of being desired.

A good escort lady

  • can flirt and give a man the feeling that he is about to conquer her
  • can listen well and also tell stories herself
  • understands the male psyche and can encourage men in their self-image
  • takes care of her fitness, stays slim and eats healthily
  • takes care of her fitness, stays slim and eats healthily
  • is reliable and honest

From the application at Job Escort to the first date

After we have checked your suitability in the interview and you have decided to become an escort lady, we will first organise a photo shoot for you. ????‍♀️ We will pay the costs for the photo shoot.

Afterwards we will create a profile together with you on our homepage. In addition to the photos, the sedcard contains information about you, your interests and other special features. The clients ????are not only interested in your appearance, but also in you as a person. With the help of the profile, they can get a better first impression of you.

In addition, we agree on your agency name together with you – we want the greatest possible anonymity for the ladies and therefore do not advertise with their real names. When the profile is ready, we will publish it on our homepage.

Now the first visitors will look ???? at your profile.  At the same time, we will recommend you to some of our regular clients. Your lack of experience can even be an advantage – many gentlemen look forward to meeting new ladies. How long it takes until the first date depends on the case. In many cases we even organise the date before the shooting.

Finally comes the most exciting moment in the life of a new escort lady: The first booking request. We tell you the details such as location, meeting place, time, duration and outfit. Be absolutely on time for the date! ???? Clients place the highest value on reliability. If you cannot be on time due to circumstances beyond your control, please let us know in advance so that we can inform the client in good time. Nothing is more important than proactive communication.


The client will then meet you in the lobby or at the bar. Sometimes a sign of recognition is agreed upon beforehand, like on a blind date. Otherwise, he will approach you. It is completely normal if you are still nervous the first time. The client has been informed beforehand that it is your first date and understands this. In most cases, you will then sit down at the bar to have a drink ???? and get to know each other.


If the client does not hand over the money in the first few minutes, say something like: “Do you mind if we take care of the formalities right away?” The client will discreetly hand you the money ???? in an envelope.✉️ Some ladies excuse themselves to the toilet a short time later to check the amount for completeness. Never count the money in front of the client.

It is extremely rare that the amount is not complete – and if it is, it is usually a misunderstanding. On the contrary, it is not uncommon for there to be a small bonus in the envelope. ???? You can modify the suggestions above and make up your own procedure. In any case, you are responsible for the correct handling.

The whole handover usually feels awkward for beginners. But the client is prepared for it and finds it normal. ☺ He will even like it if he feels a little uneasy about the money transfer – because it shows him that you are not a professional. Because most of your clients are not looking for professional ladies.

Afterwards you will flirt and get to know each other better. Be open and in a good mood. ???? It is important to build a mental and emotional relationship in the few hours. Never talk about your problems or negative things. If the client asks you questions, you can talk a little about yourself. Otherwise, the focus should be on him.


The date can take many different directions. Generally, after some flirting and laughing, you will go to his room. The rest remains your secret. If the client wants an extension and pays for it accordingly, it will go on a little longer. ????

Important: After the agreed time, be sure to let us know that the date is over or that it will be extended. This is for your own safety. We are available for you during the entire date. Details can be found under “Safety”.

If you have the impression that the client liked it very much, please ask him to write a report about it. Women talk about men and men talk about women. ???? And if the clients speak well about an escort lady, this quickly raises her market value and gives her more and longer dates. You transfer the agency share of your fee to Job Escort’s account without delay after you have received the invoice.

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How can an escort date work?

There is no “blueprint” for an escort date. Men have different tastes and fantasies. New escort ladies are usually booked ???? for 2-3 hours and the date proceeds similarly as described in the last chapter. With increasing experience and positive reports from satisfied clients, the spectrum becomes broader and the dates longer.

The girl friend

Many men book an escort lady to spend an entire evening with them as if they were their girlfriend. This can include a fine dinner, a visit to the theatre or opera, dancing together. Such a date often lasts 4-6 hours. Here, communication skills are more challenged than in a 2-3 hour hotel visit. The client wants to live in the fantasy that you are his girlfriend. Act like his devoted girlfriend and he will be very satisfied. ????

The holiday companion

Only very wealthy men can afford to book a lady for a period of several days. As a rule, the two of you already know each other from a previous date. The client was then so charmed by you that he wants to take you on a trip. ✈️ This is an honour that is usually only granted to experienced escort ladies. In addition to a fantastic holiday in one of the holiday paradises of this world, the lady can of course also look forward to a correspondingly high fee. It is certainly nice to be the mistress of a wealthy man for several days, but it also requires a high degree of concentration and dedication.

Regular clients

Many men are like children in a sweet shop. They always want something new. This means: Even if a client enjoyed the date with you very much, he will book another lady next time. But there are also gentlemen who book an escort lady again and again if the chemistry is very good. This is then a regular client and the best thing that can happen to a lady. A mutual familiarity has built up and each knows what to expect from the other.

Regular clients also like to be generous and bring the lady gifts ???? and other attentions to dates. Here it is important not to become careless. Indifference and habituation cause many relationships to fail and can also quickly lead to the loss of the regular client! So don’t slack off and seduce your beloved gentleman in ever new ways.

The wardrobe of an escort lady

Here are the absolute basics, which you can probably skip. If you have this guide in hand, you certainly have style and taste, otherwise we wouldn’t have given it to you. You know yourself best and you know what suits you. Nevertheless, a few quick tips to avoid a faux pas. The clients are willing to pay a lot ???? for the dates.

In accordance with our agency philosophy, many clients want the student look, i.e. a sexy casual outfit. The client’s wish and the occasion decide on the choice of clothes. The clothes and accessories do not have to be the latest trend. Elegant, timeless and unobtrusive is most in vogue. Look for tasteful and colour-coordinated clothes ????t hat emphasise your figure.

The same goes for underwear. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive models, but tastefully selected and well-fitting. When it comes to jewellery: less is more and class instead of mass. Wear very few pieces that really suit you. Avoid cheap jewellery. ???? On the other hand, don’t wear more expensive jewellery than the gentleman at your side. Men have a strong ego in this respect. They want a high-class woman, but not one who makes them feel like a schoolboy.

Use make-up skillfully. Of course, make sure you get regular manicures, pedicures and depilation. ???? A fresh shave before every date is a matter of course. A word about perfume: Tastes are very different here. In addition, many clients are married and do not want to carry a strange scent home. Therefore, refrain from using perfume.

Checklist for a date

  • Obtain all available information about the client and the dating location./li>
  • Pay attention to the client’s outfit wishes
  • Bring everything you need to feel comfortable. At least: charged mobile phone ????, spare shoes, loose change, emergency phone number.
  • Mentally prepare: I am looking forward to this man and my date with him. It should be a nice experience for me and him!
  • Plan enough time buffer in case of traffic jams or delays.
  • If you do not make it on time: inform Job Escort immediately.
  • After the greeting, take receipt of the fee and check that it is complete.
  • Inform us that everything is in order and that the date has begun (check-in, see below).
  • After the end of the agreed time, send a text message to the agency that everything is in order (check-out)
  • If there is an extension, additionally inform the agency after the end of the extension
  • Transfer the agency share immediately after receiving the invoice

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The 4 most important criteria for a successful female escort in the UK

Success can be measured in many ways. The important thing is that the client and you have a good time together. ????‍❤️‍????‍???? In addition, success can be formally measured by the number and length of bookings. The more meetings and the longer their duration, the more successful an escort lady is.

There are several things that you can actively influence yourself to get as many dates as you want:

1. The photos

The photos are the No. 1 decision criterion – by far! Of course – after a client has met you, other things count. But if a client has to choose between several unknown ladies, 95% of his decision will be based on the photos.

If you put a lot of effort and time into the preparation of the shoot, ???? you will get better photos. If you have bad photos, you have lost everything. This point is so important that there is a separate guide.

2. Availabilities

The better available you are, the higher the probability of interesting requests.

3. Flexibility

In addition to broad availability, the flexibility of an escort lady is enormously important. 50% of requests are made on the same day – often only a few hours in advance. It helps you enormously if you can prepare for a date quickly. There are many requests in the late evening. The more flexible you are in the evening and accept requests at 11 p.m. (business people usually have busy schedules), the more dates you will get. ????

4. Communication

Availability and flexibility are meaningless if there is a lack of communication with the agency. We rely on the fact that the availabilities you mentioned are up to date. Otherwise, efficient planning is impossible.

Example: You have told us that you will be available on Wednesday from 5 pm. On Tuesday you decide to go to the cinema with a friend on Wednesday. That is no problem. But inform us immediately that you will no longer be available. A short SMS / email ???? “Wednesday evening not available” is enough and helps us enormously. It also helps your colleagues, because then we have a good chance to redirect a possible request for you to them.

If, on the other hand, we don’t receive the information and give the client the wrong information and have to revise it later, in the worst case we lose not only this date, but the client forever. Because clients rightly expect reliability and correct ✅ information. Communication helps the whole team!


How many dates do I get?

There is no general answer to this. It depends on many factors:

  • How much time do you have besides your studies or work?
  • How willing are you to travel?
  • How broad is your escort service?
  • How good are you at building up regular clients?
  • Are there positive reports about you on the internet?

How much you are booked is largely in your own hands. Give yourself fully to your gentlemen, give them an experience they will remember for a long time. ???? Then they will come back and recommend you to others.

How long are the dates?

Initially, most dates will be over 2 hours. ???? As you gain more experience and build up a regular clientele, the dates will get longer.

What should I do if a client asks for my real name

You never give a client your personal details or your real name! This is for your own safety. Anonymity and discretion apply to both sides. ???? So never ask the client for his true identity. If he tells it of his own accord, that’s his business. You still keep your true identity to yourself.

What if a client asks me to do something I don’t want to do?

Charmingly make it clear that the wish is outside your boundaries. If the wish is expressed repeatedly, be more explicit. An escort lady must also be able to say no if the situation requires it. Of course, she knows how to say no in such a way that the mood does not suffer.

Do I get a tip?

Some gentlemen tip, others do not. If a client doesn’t tip, it doesn’t mean they are unhappy. Many simply don’t tip extra on principle, even if they enjoyed their time with you. If a client tips, you can of course keep it all for yourself. No agency commission is due for tips. It is your reward for excellent work! ⭐

What if I can’t get by with a client at all?

It is very rare that the lady or man finds out at the beginning of the date that there is no sufficient connection with the other person. If it doesn’t work, express this fact politely and end the date without offending him. ????‍♂️

Should I watch the clock very carefully and finish on time?

Don’t go too strict by the time clock. Give the client an extra 5 minutes. This will reinforce their belief that you enjoyed spending time with them and can significantly increase the likelihood of a repeat request. These few extra minutes are therefore a worthwhile investment. But don’t sell yourself short! You are a high priced escort girl and should be paid accordingly! ????

Some gentlemen delay the meeting as long as possible in order to spend more unpaid time with you. Your time is precious. As soon as you are more than a few minutes late, charm the client into understanding that time is up. For example, “What do you say we extend?”. If he answers in the affirmative, we go into extension. Extensions are only possible for whole hours.

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The safety ????️ of the ladies has the highest priority for us. We check first-time clients before the date and filter out black sheep. Job Escort is available for you during the entire date if you need help.

In the history of our agency, no lady has ever got into a threatening situation. Nevertheless, it is better to be safe than sorry.


  • Check-in: If you have received your fee, the date has started and everything is fine, you text us: “Everything fine”. If something is not OK, you write: “Everything ok”. Attention: You only use this code ???? if you feel threatened. We will then take further action.
  • Check-out: The same procedure applies at the end of the date: you always check out when the booking time is over with “Everything fine”. If you haven’t called within 30 minutes of the end of the booking time, we will first call you and then the client. This has happened several times – simply because the lady forgot to check out. It’s a stupid situation because clients don’t like this kind of call. Do us and yourself a favour and be absolutely conscientious with your check-in/out messages.
  • If there is an extension, send us an SMS: ” Extension by x hour(s)”. After the end of the extension, the check-out takes place.
  • Listen to your gut feeling if something seems strange to you
  • Do not accept drinks ???? where you have not seen them being poured
  • When you enter a room for the first time, mentally go through the escape route
  • Always carry your handbag and identification with you.
  • Have pepper spray in your bag and know how to hurt a man

Travel Companion

Die meisten Escorts reisen außerordentlich gerne und freuen sich über die Möglichkeit die Grenzen der Stadt oder auch des Landes zu verlassen.

How do you get interesting and lucrative requests as a travel companion? ???? Travel escorts are mostly requested by regular clients. Your regular clients are your regular clients because they are extremely satisfied with your service. The first condition for travel companions is therefore obvious: enthusiastic clients or even more: fans.

But that is not enough. Many clients would never even think of taking you on a trip. ???? The imagination is simply not yet there in their heads. You give clients the idea by subtly bringing up the subject on dates! Tell the client about your passion for travel. Actively and unobtrusively (!) ask him about his upcoming business trips.

Acknowledgement and admiration for a man’s cosmopolitanism as well as confessions such as “I’ve always wanted to go there”, “I’ve heard there is….”, ✈ “I had originally planned to go there during the semester break, but no one was found who would like to go with me” can increase your chances of finding a travel companion immensely.

If you are able to make the client aware of possible activities during a stay together, this will certainly increase the likelihood of a travel booking. ???? Create the images and let his imagination do the rest:

  • Holiday. A day by the sea, splashing in the pool, dinner together in the evening, fiery nights, exploring the island together the next day….
  • Business trip. After a stressful day with several meetings, relaxation and massage ???? after work….

Duo Dates

According to research, more than 90% of men dream of an adventure with two women. Being desired by one woman flatters the male ego. Being pampered by two ????‍❤️‍???? at the same time increases this effect many times over. Similar to the travel companionship, it is also important here to make it clear to the client in a charming way what everything is possible. Actively approaching the client about a Duo Date has a beguiling effect.

The idea of a duo date with two women ???? is a powerful image – if a man also receives an appropriate offer and clear signals from an attractive lady, it is like a knighthood for him…


Hard Times

As an escort lady with Job Escort UK you can gain a lot of experience and earn a nice amount of money. But there will also be times when you doubt yourself and your decisions. ???? Where you are suddenly no longer sure if you are doing the right thing. Some dates didn’t go the way you wanted them to. Maybe you only have a few people with whom you can talk openly about this part of your life. You feel down and discouraged.

Most new escort ladies go through such a phase at some point. It is absolutely natural. This phase will likely pass.  ???? Think about your wealthy clients: None of them got to wealth the easy way. They also had to go through rocky roads and hard times in order to be able to reap the fruits of their labour in the end.  ???? Escort can and will be a lot of fun for you. How well you can motivate yourself even on the worse days and keep a positive attitude will decide how far you will make it in escort and in life in general.

Dealing with your social environment

In the UK we live in a quite tolerant world. Every woman is allowed to do what she wants with her life. ???? However, in the minds of many people there are still many reservations about women who are open-minded or earn money with their charm and attractiveness. When you start escorting, you probably only want to tell the few people you absolutely trust about it.

If someone sees you on a date – tell it would be your rich friend who is unfortunately rarely in town. If someone asks about your job, say you work as a model or trade fair hostess. ???? That’s why you’re often so well dressed. Be creative and think of something to avoid unpleasant questions.

Later, when you don’t feel like playing hide-and-seek anymore, you can of course reveal what you do. ???? Be aware that you will probably lose some (fake) friends if they find out that you work as an escort. Think carefully about how much you want to inform your social environment.

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This handbook is constantly growing and lives from the experiences of the ladies. Write to us if you have new ideas and suggestions for improvement.


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